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Archies Farm


In the autumn of 2008 we spent several weeks hiding from the rain in the workshop making a 6 x 18m two storey house


We took it up to West Devon in November and raised it in 4 days.



It was raining then, too.



However the sun did come out one evening and allowed me to take these few pictures (more below). Unfortunately although the customer was born in the local village , from a village family and has sheep, pigs and cattle on a sizeable acreage......despite the fact that a family of 5 has been living for several years now in a substandard trailer type home......notwithstanding the fact that there is historic evidence of a building on this site...... and even ignoring the fact that this family are building a sustainable home, which is an essential part of the planning system moving forward to deal with the pressing local housing issues that we face in Devon today, some very shortsighted people in Torridge District Council Planning Dept- and you do know who you are- have decided that these folk need to take their home down. Personally I'm disappointed as it's hard to work hard on a job and see it come to a sad end, but that's nothing compared to how the guys we built it for feel. Think about it, Torridge!

You should be ashamed of yourselves,




A crane's eye view of the raising.



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