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Riverford Farm Shop


Christmas 2007, and the Riverford farm shop are planning a new outlet at the Sidmouth Garden Centre.

This is what we came up with for them...



This is the new farm shop at Sidmouth under construction. We hired a 50 ton crane as the reach needed was over 30 metres.




Partially assembled subframes come together in the raising process.




The building will be a single storey open hall with serving counters to the right and produce in the main hall.



This is the building raftered-out.


As the new year progressed, so did the ongoing works at Sidmouth. In early May the shop was ready to open. I visited there in June when things were really under way and was very impressed with the results.




The interior decor shows good taste, our building shows off the organic products , the staff love working in a light, airy space- and the customers love it too.





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