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Malcolms Golf Shop


In the spring of 07 we cut some trees for the Thorn Park Golf Centre at Salcombe Regis with a view to making a 2-storey golf shop and tearooms to replace their ageing shed.





We made a double-aisled structure to give a verandah on one side and room for a large counter in the other, whilst retaining a large open space centrally.




The upstairs has open slingbrace frames to allow an office space ; downstairs will be golf shop, tea rooms, and cafe.





Much of the finishing has been done now ;Malcolm is just waiting for the windows before he can clad the building




This is the upstairs space just after plastering




...and this is the outside with breather paper on, just prior to cladding. The roof is reclaimed double-roman tiles and the doors and windows are by a local joiner



The Verandah, with slate floor and portland staddles under the posts.


Watch this space for the finished article!



Here it is, well finished by Malcolm and now in full use as a golf and coffee shop- the Sidmouth folk week may benefit too!




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